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Shown below are a few resources I have personally used and recommend. If you click on one of the items, you will be redirected to a third party website to browse and make a purchase. On some of the sites I will earn a modest commission. This is one way to help financially support my podcast.  Thanks a MILLION РEVERY little BIT HELPS, Wooden Boat Dan


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May 4, 2012


Just ordered a couple of books from through the links provided in your website – one of the books is listed here, and the another one resulted from a search inside Amazon’s website.

If you have the time, just let me know if you were credited with the commission for these books ($40.61 for the books and $14.97 for shipping all the way to down here) – I purchase books from them in a regular basis and will be pleased to do so in a manner it will benefit you and HOWB.

As update notes, I have decided on my big boat project – it will be a 28 foot sailboat (Samoa 28) from yachtdesign ( It is an amateur construction cruising boat, using strip planking for the hull and plyglass for its deck.

I am now also a partner in a friend’s project for building a Pygmy’s Double Osprey – I am providing the space and part of the woodworking tools. The stitch-and-glue Osprey will be our laboratory for getting some experience with epoxy prior to the Samoa.

I am also considering the idea of building a snipe-class boat in between the Osprey and the Samoa, in order to gather more experience with boat building before investing the time, effort and money the Samoa will certainly require from its building team!

That’s it for now – please, keep up this fantastic endeavor – it is our safe harbor every Thursday!

Cheers from Brazil

Dan Allegrini


April 5, 2015

Hi Dan I just found your pod cast. I am a boatbuilder in Suffolk Va. I am also a Fireman in Va. Beach but build boats on my days off. I have really enjoyed your podcast while I’m in the shop. Keep up the good work .

Thanks Carson Forrester


July 23, 2015

Carson – this a really really late reply ;). Thanks for your kind comments. Wooden boats rock! Thanks for being a fireman and protecting the rest of us. Best, Dan


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