HOWB 179 – Wooden Boat Dan | Overview of 2015 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

by admin on September 17, 2015


I’m taking a break from my Podcast Vacation today to publish another episode of HOWB :D.

Today’s podcast is a recording I did about an hour after the 2015 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival had ended. I talk about the highlights of the festival and some of the fun stuff I did! I was there for the entire Festival and had an absolute blast as usual.

I recorded about 8 interviews during the festival which I will be playing over the next few months!

Here are a few highlights of the festival for me:

  • Doing 8 interviews with some amazing folks – John Harris, John Lockwood, Jake Beattie (R2AK), Robert D’Arcy, Marty Loken, Dale Simonson, Pete Leenhouts, Josh Colvin
  • Attending a presentation on mast building by Bruce Tipton – the birds mouth mast may be cool but probably overrated. There are other ways to build a mast just as strong and light without all the work and waste
  • Meeting John Carinha in person
  • Sleeping in the canopy of my truck for the first time (with CPAP machine on :D)
  • Getting ideas for my SCAMP
  • Giving my SCAMP class/presentation
  • Meeting Rob O’Toole
  • Encouragement from listeners!

Click on the green player button above to listen to the podcast.

Here’s some pics to enjoy!

A full on shanty boat – a very comfy way to spend time on the water!

Sunrise in the Harbor.

Sunrise in the Harbor.

Sunrise on all the festival boats at 6:30 AM. I love this time at the festival!

Sunrise on all the festival boats at 6:30 AM. I love this time at the festival!

Thanks for doing the interview Wooden Boat Dan! I wish you the best with all your future boating endeavors!

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