HOWB 127 – Interview | Buzz Scott of; 1948 Wooden Sardine Boat “Pauline” To Become Research Vessel

by admin on March 20, 2014


Today’s podcast episode is an interview with Buzz Scott, President and Founder of the research organization in Newcastle, Maine.

Buzz’s maritime adventures began as a young fisherman growing up on Matinicus Island, Maine. His love for the ocean grew greater with time and his parents provided him with his first boat at the age of 12 – small double ended boat called a peapod that came with 25 wooden lobster traps.

For years Buzz rowed his peapod around Matinicus, exploring its coves, beaches and ledges, fishing for lobsters, cod, mackerel and flounder and anything else that might swim, wiggle or crawl. He constantly found himself looking over the side of his boat into the water as far as he could see. As he grew older and began seining for herring, setting long lines for halibut, and dragging for scallops, there was one thing that never changed – he was always looking over the side, watching and waiting yet again to see what would surface from below the ocean.

After finishing school, Scott spent 17 years as a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of Maine. He also spent 2 years on supply ships in the Gulf of Mexico and 4 years working for the United States Antarctic Program as a marine technician and marine projects coordinator, sailing on scientific research ships around Antarctica.

More recently Buzz traded in the cool Antarctic climates for a slightly warmer spot. He has spent 8 years sailing up and down the west coast of the United States, Mexico and Canada. He was “sailing” as a pilot and mechanical technician, “flying” a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, California. He worked closely with scientists from around the world as they studied the deep canyons and volcanic fields below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Buzz founded Oceanswide whose mission is to introduce students to marine science through technology and to empower them to learn, grow and thrive through experiential education. “Pauline” is a classic 83′ wooden sardine carrier built in 1948 that was recently donated to Oceanswide. They are in the process of raising funds to finish outfitting her as an ROV support ship capable of taking students to research sites along the coast of Maine.

Click on green player button above to listen to full interview with Buzz about flying ROV’s, restoring Pauline, and more.

Here’s some pics to enjoy:

The '83 sardine carrier Pauline as a working boat, circa 1960. Photo supplied by Pat Lown.

The ’83 sardine carrier Pauline as a working boat, circa 1960. Photo supplied by Pat Lown.

Pauline in her current configuration. Photo supplied by Maynard Bray.

Pauline in her current configuration. Photo supplied by Maynard Bray.

This is the same ROV that Oceanswide is using for ocean research. Photo courtesy of Saab Seaeye.

This is the ROV that Oceanswide would like to purchase in the near future for ocean research (unknown person pictured). Photo courtesy of Saab Seaeye.

Thanks for doing the interview Buzz.  I wish you the best with all your future boating and research endeavors!

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