HOWB 119 – Interview | Gayle Brantuk, Glen-L Marine Proprietor; 60 Years of Selling Boat Plans!

by admin on January 9, 2014


Today’s interview is with Gayle Brantuk , proprietor of Glen-L Marine in Bellflower, CA.  Gayle is the daughter of Glen L. Witt who started the business in 1953.  At the age of 95, Glen still visits the office to see how the company and employees are faring.

During the interview, Gayle tells the fascinating story of how her father wanted to build his own boat (to save money), but had a hard time finding amateur boat building plans.  During WWII, Glen was in the Army Air Corp, learned drafting, and took a correspondence course from the Westlawn Naval Design School.  Shortly after leaving the army, Glen started applying his skills to designing plywood boats and selling plans and frame kits to amateur boat builders all over the world.

Today the company sells plans for over 300 boats ranging in size from 6′ – 55′, and made from wood, steel and fiberglass.

Click on green player button above to listen to full interview with Gayle about the history of Glen-L and what the company is up to today.

Here’s some pics to enjoy:

1958 advertisement for 15' L Dorado cruiser.   Photo courtesy of Glen-L Marine

1958 advertisement for 15′ L Dorado cruiser. Photo courtesy of Glen-L Marine

sea knight-white

The company’s 15′ Sea Knight. Photo courtesy of Glen-L Marine.


The Zip outboard runabout.  Photo courtesy of Glen-L Marine.

The Zip 14′ outboard runabout. Photo courtesy of Glen-L Marine.

Thanks for doing the interview Gayle.  I wish you and Glen-L Marine the best in all their future endeavors.

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January 15, 2014

To bad this not a video.

I built the Glenl Stelleto back in the late 60’s using a frame kit


January 15, 2014

Great! Do you still have the boat?



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