HOWB 112 – Interview | Chuck Leinweber, Owner Duckworks Boatbuilding Supply, Wooden Boat Addict

by admin on November 14, 2013


This episode is an interview with Chuck Leinweber of Harper, Texas.  Chuck and his wife Sandra are the founders of the highly successful Duckworks Boatbuilding Supply and Duckworks Magazine.

Chuck is a self admitted wooden boat addict, having built an average of one boat per year for the last 30 years.  It all started when as a youth, he picked up his dad’s Sea Scout Manuals, and couldn’t put them down.  Then he helped his dad build a 22′ plywood cabin cruiser which they used on the Gulf of Mexico.

Fast forward a few years and Chuck built his first boat(s) – 2 Clark Craft prams for the family to mess about on.  Eventually he and Sandra turned their hobby into a boating supply and blogging business, which is thriving today!

Click on the green player button above to listen to the full interview with Chuck!

Here’s some pics to enjoy:

Chuck's Jim Michalik designed Caprice sailboat built by Chuck.  Photo courtesy of Chuck.

Chuck’s built this Jim Michalak designed Caprice sailboat. Photo courtesy of Chuck.


Ladybug sailing and camping boat Chuck built. Photo courtesy of Chuck.

Chuck working on a Welsford designed Rifleman, with his son Ryan.  Photo courtesy of Chuck.

Chuck working on a Welsford designed Rifleman, with his son Bonham. Photo courtesy of Chuck.

Thanks Chuck for taking time to record the interview.  Best to you all in your wooden boat adventures!

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