HOWB 109 – Interview the Expert | Skin Boat School Owner Corey Freedman on Skin-On-Frame Building

by admin on October 24, 2013


Today’s podcast is an interview with Skin On Frame building expert Corey Freedman, owner of in Anacortes, WA.  This is the sixth of my Interview The Expert series of podcasts focused on 6 methods of boatbuilding: Carvel, Lapstrake, Cold Molded, Stitch and Glue, Strip Planked, and Skin-on-Frame.   I discuss each of these methods of construction in my eBook Get in the Wooden Boat Game: A Guide for Building Your First Boat which is available for $4.99 at this LINK.

The Skin On Frame method was believed to be developed by the maritime peoples of the Arctic centuries ago. The builder would stretch seal skin over a carefully lashed together and lightweight framework of driftwood to create a long (sometimes over 20’) and narrow (as little as 18”) craft. These boats were usually single occupancy and were capable of navigating rough waters, rolling over, and were used for daily activities such as hunting, gathering, and transportation.

Today, SOF boats can be built with a framework of lashed together dimensional lumber (such as cedar, spruce, or fir), skinned with ballistic nylon, and painted with a two part urethane waterproof coating. These boats are light, strong, and beautiful, and can be relatively inexpensive to build.

During the interview, Corey discusses the following points on Skin On Frame construction:

  • Description and history
  • Skill level required to utilize this method
  • Cost of this method versus other building methods
  • Time to build versus other methods
  • Special tools and materials required
  • Pros and cons

To listen to a previous podcast with Corey check out HOWB005.

Click on the green player button above to listen to the full interview with Corey!

Here’s some pics to enjoy:

Internal frame of a Skin On Frame Boat being built a Corey's shop.  Photo courtesy of

Internal frame of a Skin On Frame Boat being built a Corey’s shop. Photo courtesy of

Corey's Skin Boat School.  Photo courtesy of

Corey’s Skin Boat School. Photo courtesy of

A Baidarka built at the Skin Boat School.  Photo courtesy of

A Baidarka built at the Skin Boat School. Photo courtesy of

Thanks Corey for taking time to record the interview.  Best to you all in your wooden boat adventures at the School!

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