HOWB 100 – Interviews | 8 Year Old Henry LePage, and The Podcast Answer Man

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I am super excited today as it is the 100th Episode of HOWB!  I can’t believe I have been doing this for almost 2 years 🙂  Time has flown by and I am having more fun than ever.  The other big news this week: I am publishing my first eBook on August 15th, 2013 – Get in the Wooden Boat Game: A Guide for Building Your First Boat.  You can get my book for free through September 9, 2013 by subscribing to my monthly eNewsletter at Subscribe.  This offer applies to current subscribers also.  For more information about the book go to ebook1.

Today’s special 100th episode includes an interview with Henry LePage and an interview with Cliff Ravenscraft.

Henry LePage is 8 years old and lives in Chappaqua, New York. Henry has had his own hand tools and  enjoyed woodworking and boating for as long as he can remember.

Last year Henry got a hankering to have his own boat – one he could handle by himself.  For his 7th birthday, his parents gave him a boatbuilding book – Ultra Simple Boat Building by Gavin Atkin.  He plied through the book and settled on building the 11′ 6″ Poorboy Skiff.  With the help of his father and grandfather, Henry completed the skiff – Miss Arcadia II – and launched her in the St Lawrence River on September 1, 2012.  Congrats Henry!!!  Henry dreams of joining the US Coast Guard some day.  🙂  His boat was pictured in the Launching section of Issue 230 of WoodenBoat Magazine and in the Getting Started in Boats section of Issue 232 of WoodenBoat Magazine.

The second interview is with Cliff Ravenscraft – The Podcast Answer Man.  I began listening to Cliff’s weekly Podcast in 2009.   Cliff inspired me to start my own podcast, and after 2 years of pondering my next move, I took Cliffs online Podcasting AtoZ course in September 2011.  (If you take this amazing course, use the discount code “Boats” and you will get a significant discount).

As a result of Cliff’s encouragement, support, and technical prowess, I launched the Weekly HookedOnWoodenBoats Podcast September 22, 2011.  In the podcast interview today, Cliff and I have a fun time reminiscing about how I got the podcast off the ground and recount how Cliff at first thought I was going to podcast about “Wooden Boots” 🙂

Click on the green player button above to listen the both interviews and enjoy!

Here’s some pics to enjoy and a short video clip of Henry’s Launch Day:

8 year old Henry LePage building his first wooden boat.  Photo courtesy of Mark LePage.

8 year old Henry LePage building his first wooden boat. Photo courtesy of Mark LePage.

Henry in his almost completed 11' 6" Poorboy Skiff.  Photo courtesy of Mark LePage.

Henry in his almost completed 11′ 6″ Poorboy Skiff. Photo courtesy of Mark LePage.

Thanks to Henry and Mark and to Cliff for doing the interviews.  Best to all of you in your future endeavors!

My SCAMP Build Update

I am feverishly working on my SCAMP to have it fully assembled before the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival starts September 6th. Here’s the latest picture of my progress.  To see full updates, costs and hours spent, go to  This boat will be for sale once the kit is fully assembled.

Port garboard is now on Foresail 1 - Yay!!  Photo by Wooden Boat Dan

Both garboards are now on Foresail 1 – Yeah!! Photo by Wooden Boat Dan


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