HOWB 094 – Interview | Pat Lown, Director of Research at WoodenBoat Publications, Inc.

by admin on July 4, 2013



Today’s podcast is an interview with Pat Lown who has been at WoodenBoat Publications Inc. since 1993 and is currently the Director of Research.

Pat grew up in Kingston, New York near the Hudson River.  Her family did not go boating, but as a youth she was introduced to boating when she attended a YMCA day camp where she had a great time paddling and rowing the canoes and rowboats there.

Growing up in Kingston, Pat was aware of the Hudson River sloop Clearwater (America’s Environmental Flagship) and the one to two week volunteer stints they offered. Pat volunteered after graduating high school in 1975 and fell in love with the boat and the water.  She continued to volunteer frequently that summer and traveled to Stonington, ME in January 1976 to help with the restoration of the Clearwater at Billings Diesel and Marine on Deer Isle.  Lown had planned to stay 2 weeks, but was so taken by Maine that she settled there where she lives to this day.

Click on the green player button above to listen to the full interview with Pat and her story of love for wooden boats!

Here’s some pics to enjoy (click to enlarge):

View of Harbor from Wooden Boat grounds.  Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat.

View of Eggemoggin Reach from WoodenBoat grounds. Photo courtesy of WoodenBoat.

Sunset from Wooden Boat.  Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat

Sunset from WoodenBoat grounds. Photo courtesy of WoodenBoat

Pat Lown with her daughters foals.  Photo courtesy of Pat.

Pat Lown with her daughters’ foals. Photo courtesy of Pat.

Thanks Pat for doing the interview.  Best to you in all your wooden boat adventures!


My Canoe “Chelan” has been completed and lauched.  Here she is on the Columbia River:

My just finished canoe "Chelan" on the Columbia River.  Photo by Wooden Boat Dan

My just finished canoe “Chelan” on the Columbia River. Photo by Wooden Boat Dan

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