HOWB 081 – Interview | Scott Jones of NW Maritime Center on SCAMP & Other Wooden Boat Fun

by admin on April 4, 2013



Today’s featured segment is an interview with Scott Jones of the NW Maritime Center in Port Townsend, WA.  I recorded the interview during SCAMP Camp #3, which is put on by the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock, WA.  For more information about the next SCAMP Camp, click on or call 360-385-4948.

Scott and I had a great time talking about the SCAMP boat and Camp, other projects at the NW Maritime Center and upcoming cool wooden boat events.  Plus he gave me a few boatbuilding tips.  Scott is an easy going guy who loves his job and really excels at what he does.  Keep up the great work Scott!

To listen to the interview I did with Scott last year about his personal and boating history, click on

Click on the green player button above to listen to the full interview.

Here’s some pics to enjoy (click to enlarge):

Scott Jones bending carlins on SCAMP build. Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat Dan.

Scott Jones (left) bending carlins on SCAMP. Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat Dan.
Wooden paddle board in construction at NWMC.  Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat Dan.

Wooden paddle board in construction at NWMC. Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat Dan.

This SCAMP is having her carlins clamped in place. Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat Dan.

This SCAMP is having her carlins clamped in place. Photo courtesy of Wooden Boat Dan.

Thanks Scott for taking time out of you busy schedule to do the interview.  Best to you and your family!

Wooden Boat Hack of the Week – #19 | Varnishing Tips From One Amateur to Another.

Getting ready to varnish your boat or brightwork?  Here’s a couple tips from WBD:

  • Buy a quality marine varnish such as Captains Spar varnish, Z-Spar varnish, Interlux Schooner varnish, or Epiphanes varnish.
  • NEVER shake the can of varnish.  Instead mix slowly with a clean stir stick
  • Once carefully mixed, slowly pour your varnish into a clean and smooth plastic container for application.  Do not wipe your brush on the edge of the container (use a separate discard container)
  • Properly prepare the wood surface (per manufacturer instructions). If the wood has been epoxy coated, sand with 220 grit paper until smooth.  Next wipe down the boat with a clean cloth, then wipe with lacquer thinner on another clean cloth (let dry for 1 hour before applying varnish)
  • Properly prepare the varnishing space – correct temperature (per manufacturer), ensure it is dust and wind free, good lighting, plenty of room to move around, and make sure your clothes are super clean (if there is one speck of dust around, it will find its way into the varnish)
  • Apply varnish with a 3″-4″ foam brush in 4-5  one way strokes (18″ long) side by side.  Next tip off the just varnished area with strokes 90 degrees from original.  Move on to next area and keep a wet edge working toward last coated area.
  • Wet sand with 400 grit wet/dry paper and apply another 2-6 coats (total of 3-7 coats) after letting dry 24 hours.
  • Stand back and admire your work!

Shoot an email to ole if you have other tips.

Upcoming Nordic Lapstrake Construction Workshop by Expert Builder Jay Smith

Jay Smith is putting on 2 One Day Workshops at his shop in Anacortes, WA on April 13 and 20th, 2013.  The workshops will run from 8-5, cost $140 and include lunch.  You can call 360 293-2034 or email to register.  Jay is the go to guy for Nordic boat building.  Check out for an interview I did with Jay about the Viking Ship he is building.

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