HOWB 055 – Interviews: Thomas Scheinpflug, Pacific Grace Shipwright; Dave & Linda Burright, Builders of 26′ Caulkins Bartender

by admin on October 4, 2012



The first interview in today’s podcast is with Thomas Scheinpflug.  Thomas crews on the Pacific Grace Schooner and was one of the shipwrights who built her, finishing in May 2001.  Pacific Grace is owned and operated by the non-profit S.A.L.T.S. Sail and Life Training Society of Canada.

The second interview is with Dave & Linda Burright of Albany, Oregon.  Dave & Linda built a 26′ George Caulkins designed Bartender in their outbuilding over and 6.5 year period.  It is a gorgeous boat and they spent a lot of money on her.  So they aptly named her Kala Lua –  translated Money Pit in Hawaiian!  Here’s a great Article about the boat.  And you can view pictures of the building process at Flickr.

Press on the green player button above to listen to both interviews.

Here’s some pics to enjoy (click to enlarge):

Pacific Grace Canadian schooner. 115′ of sheer elegance, beauty and stature!


Thomas Scheifpflug – Shipwright on Pacific Grace. Stacked dories in background.


Pacific Grace portside – WOW!


Dave and Linda Burright on the 26′ Caulkins Bartender they built at home. Great Job on Kala Lua!


Kala Lua in the Bay – beautiful lines. Great build!

Thanks to Thomas and to Dave & Linda for taking time for the interviews.  Best to you in your wooden boat adventures!


WOODEN BOAT TIP OF THE WEEK  –  #7. Buy Quality Tools and Keep Them In Tip Top Shape!
Don’t settle for cheap hand tools or power tools.  Buy “good”, “better”, or “best” quality tools because:

  1. Good tools last longer, work faster, and are more accurate.
  2. Good tools result in a better built boat.
  3. They require less maintenance such as sharpening, adjusting, tuning up, etc.
  4. They are more pleasurable to work with – they WILL enhance the boatbuilding experience.
Keep your tools in tip top shape because:
  1. They will last longer, work better, and be easier to use.
  2. It’s more fun to sharpen your plane iron than to wash your car.
  3. If you ever go to sell them, they will be worth top dollar!


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November 23, 2016

mein Name ist Christa Bracke aus Wetter-Volmarstein. Frage:
Thomas, Du hast doch in Wetter als Tischler gearbeitet.
Bitte schreibe mir doch eine Mail, damit ich Dir von Georg erzählen kann.
Liebe Grüße


November 23, 2016

Bitte um Mail-Anschrift von Thomas Scheinpflug


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