HOWB 052 – Interview with Lin and Larry Pardey of Sailing and Wooden Boat Fame. And First B’Day HOWB!

by admin on September 13, 2012



This past weekend while at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, I had the privilege to interview Lin and Larry Pardy.  Lin and Larry have been sailing the world since they built their first boat Serrafyn and launched her in 1968.  Their second build was Taleisin launched in 1983.  They have written and published numerous books, and sell DVD’s and other great products at their website:

Here’s an Amazon link to a couple of their most popular books:  Bull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife, and Details of Classic Boat Construction.

Listen to Lin and Larry share candidly about their childhoods, their adventures and their love of the sea – Click on the green player button above.

Here’s some pics to enjoy (click to enlarge):


Pardeys on Taleisin.  Photo courtesy of Pardeys.


Taleisin – one elegant boat!  Photo courtesy of Pardeys.

Taleisin at dock.  Photo courtesy of Pardeys.


Thanks Lin and Larry for taking the time to meet me for the interview and best to you in your future endeavors!


WOODEN BOAT TIP OF THE WEEK – #4 – Use an Epoxy Palette for Wetting out Cloth.
This past weekend I watched a demonstartion by Bruce Blatchley (NWSWBB) on applying fiberglass cloth and epoxy to wood.  The key to a smooth wetout is to evenly apply the epoxy to the cloth to avoid the cloth “floating” or having dry spots.   Bruce accomplishes this by using an epoxy palette – a piece of clean and smooth plywood approximately 6″ x 10″.

First cut to size and lay out the cloth to its proper position.  Secondly, mix your epoxy thoroughly and pour out a little onto the palette.  Roll the epoxy out with your foam roller until the roller is evenly filled with epoxy.  Roll out the epoxy onto the cloth in an area the width of the roller by about 6″.  Repeat until cloth is evenly soaked with epoxy.  Done properly, this method will save time and epoxy!


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