HOWB 050 – SCAMP Camp Part 2, Interviews – John Welsford (designer), Cliff Sell (SCAMP Camp student)

by admin on August 30, 2012



This episode is a follow up to last week’s August 2012 SCAMP Camp  Part 1 (see HOWB 049).  I had the privilege to sit down and ask John Welsford some more questions about the SCAMP design and how the Camp was going.  John gave some keen insight into the function and benefits of a pram bow, and talks about the success of the inaugural Camp.

I also interviewed Cliff Sell who was a student at the Camp.  Cliff traveled all the way from Germany!  As a first time boatbuilder, Cliff talks about why he took the class, how the build is coming along, and gives his thoughts on the success of the course.

Listen to both interviews, by clicking on the green button above.

Here’s some pics to enjoy (click to enlarge):

Cliff Sell hard at work on his own SCAMP. Soon to be shipped to his home in Germany.


SCAMP Camp in full swing. Ten being built at same time!


Cliff’s SCAMP coming together on day 4.


SCAMP Protoype built 2010.  This rig has “fun” written all over it!


Thanks John and Cliff for taking time for the interviews. Best to both of you with your boats!


WOODEN BOAT TIP OF THE WEEK – #3.  Consider using lower maintenance alternatives to varnish
Who doesn’t love the look of 8-10 meticulous coats of varnish glistening in the sun on the Honduran mahogany gunwales of a classic wooden vessel?  Few things in life are this beautiful to gaze upon.  However, the owner of the vessel knows that applying the varnish, and maintaining those gunwales year after year can weigh heavily on one’s pocketbook, patience and time.

If you want a lower maintenance version of brightwork, try a lower gloss solution that is easier to maintain.  One such solution is used by the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building.  They call it their summer boat sauce recipe – here is the link:  Apply a new coat of the sauce annually and you have a lower gloss version of brightwork that won’t wear your patience thin!

Next week I will be interviewing Lin & Larry Pardy (world renowned sailors) and John Harris (CLC Boats) while at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival.  I plan on playing these interviews on the podcast in September, so be sure and tune in!

In Wooden Boat Magazine Issue 228, there is a great article about Sam Devlin, who I interviewed in HOWB 020.  The article was written by Larry Cheek who I interviewed in HOWB 013.  Check it out!

Next week I will be presenting “Hooked On Wooden Boats” at the Boat Festival.  I would love to see you there -Sunday Sept 9th at 10:45 in the Discovery Room of the NW Maritime Center.  Please come and introduce yourself.  I am going to show lots of fun pictures, talk about my boat builds and show a video interview.  Look forward to seeing you there!


UPCOMING FUN EVENTS (tell ’em Wooden Boat Dan sent you!)

Aug 31 – Sept 2 – 39th Annual Harbor Days – Olympia, WA

September 1-4 – Small Craft Skills Academy – Port Townsend, WA (see website for other locations)

September 2-4 – 34th Annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival – Victoria, BC, Canada

September 3-5 – 11th Annual Wooden Boat Rendezvous – Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, WA

September 7-9 – 36th Annual Wooden Boat Festival – Port Townsend, WA

Note: If you have events you would like added to the calendar, please email me at



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