HOWB 030 – Christian Gruye, Head steward 92′ M/V Lotus historic wooden vessel

by admin on April 12, 2012


PODCAST SHOW NOTES – Episode #030 Interview – Christian Gruye, Head steward  M/V Lotus

When Christian was a child, her family moved every 2-3 years to follow her dad’s transfers as an USAF pilot. But Seattle was considered the family’s home base.  They spent a lot of time water skiing with friends, and paddling about in their  Willits Canoe made on Day Island near Tacoma, WA by the Willits brothers.  Christian’s dad was the Pacific Northwest Ski Champion for 7 years and helped form the Lake Washington Water Ski Club.

When Christian was 11 her mother got a hankering to buy a mothballed ferry boat for the family to float around on in the beautiful waters of WA state.  In 1960 the family purchased the 1909 M/V Lotus Edwardian style wooden vessel for $5,000 – the exact price she sold for new.  At the time she was moored on Lake Union in Seattle and in serious disrepair.  The boat engine had been stripped to help support the WWII effort, so the family towed her everywhere they wanted to be and lived on her engineless.

Tune in to this podcast to hear the complete interview including how the M/V Lotus survived a recent mooring failure grounding.  Click on the green player button above for all the details.  ENJOY!

Here’s some pics (click to enlarge):

Christian Gruye on foredeck of M/V Lotus


M/V Lotus in drydock after mooring failure grounding.


Calking (caulking) or corking - whichever you prefer - the M/V Lotus hull.


Hull closeup M/V Lotus 2"+ hull - there's a story with every color and line and dimple. 103 years of life and going strong - this is amazing!!!


Lotus survived this grounding on Feb 22, 2012. You can read about this on the M/V Lotus website (link below). Photo courtesy of Christian Gruye.


M/V Lotus - one big and beautiful cruiser!! Photo courtesy of Christian Gruye.


Thanks Christian for taking the time to be interviewed, and best to you with the M/V Lotus and your future adventures! To connect with Christian, go to or email her at  And if you would be kind enough – please donate to the cause of the M/V Lotus while on the website!

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