HOWB 026 – The Smith’s restore 1929 wooden boat “David B” for floating B&B; interview

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Interview – Christine & Jeffrey Smith of Northwest Navigation
Christine had dreamed of having a bed and breakfast since she was a kid, and David loved wooden boats ever since living in Maine where he was a deck hand and eventually captained on several wooden schooners with Windjammer Charters.  Their passions and ideas blended together and they determined to have a “floating B&B” ala a wooden vessel.  At first their plan was to build a wooden schooner, but the economic downturn nixed that idea so it was on to PLAN B – find an inexpensive wooden vessel and restore it.

A friend suggested they meet up with a gentlemen on Lopez Island that owned several wooden boats which “needed work”.  They traveled to Lopez Island, fell in love with and purchased a 65′ former “monkey boat” built in 1929 named David B.  Jeffreys best estimate was that it would be a 2 year restoration project.  EIGHT years later in 2006, the restoration was done and their floating B&B company – Northwest Navigation – was  launched.

Christine has written an exciting book chronicling the David B rebuilding adventure.  Check it out at More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B.

Tune in to this podcast to hear Christine and Jeffrey talk about their dreams, the gory details of their restoration project, how their floating B&B works, and other cool topics.  Click on the green player button above for all the details.  ENJOY!

Here’s some pics to enjoy (click to enlarge):


Jeffrey & Christine in David B galley

David B's original launch in 1929. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey & Christine.


The David B today - completely restored top to bottom. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey & Christine.


Jeffrey kicking back on deck of David B. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey & Christine.


Desolation Sound during one of David B's cruises. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey & Christine.


Thanks Jeffrey and Christine for taking the time to meet with me. Good luck on all your B&B cruises this year and many happy sailings for the David B!

Please connect with Christine & Jeffrey by going to or check out Christine’s new book More Faster Backwards: Rebuilding David B.


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