HOWB 025 – Tim Lee, master wooden boat instructor, savvy builder – interview

by admin on March 8, 2012



Interview – Tim Lee, Instructor NW School of Wooden Boat Building 
TIm took a keen interest in woodworking as a youth visiting his brother in Alaska, and building hickory dog sleds for racing.  Then Tim’s other brother took him on his maiden sailing voyage off the coast of Georgia in a wooden sail boat.  Tim was hooked.   Soon after Tim enrolled at the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding, completed the program and began working in boatyards from Alaska to Port Townsend.

As fate would have it, TIm got a call from master builder Ray Speck in 2000, asking him to come teach at the school.  The rest is history and Tim is loving it!  Tune in to this podcast to hear Tim talk about helping set up a wooden boatbuilding school in Ireland, building a 26′ forest service boat, what makes northwest boat building unique, and other cool topics.  Click on the green player button above for all the details.  ENJOY!

Here’s some pics to enjoy (click to enlarge):

14' Gandelow (Irish). Tim is teaching students how to build this "clinker" design based on the lines he took off a Gandelow hull in Ireland last year. This boat is absolutely gorgeous!


Interior of 26' forest service boat being built at school. The craftsmanship is superb. Nice job to Tim and students!


26' Forest Service Boat - nearly finished, and for sale.

Instructor Tim Lee next to Gandelow Irish boat project.

Thanks Tim for taking the time to meet with me. Good luck on all your school projects and anything that has to do with wood!


Listener Feedback and Comments:
Thanks Pete Leenhouts for bringing the Felicity Ann project to my attention. Here’s the link I mentioned for the rebuild project – Felicity Ann.  Please check it out for more information about this historic boat and the plans for her future.

School Director Bill Mahler next to Felicity Ann project.


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