HOWB 005 – Skin Boat Expert Corey Freedman Interview

by admin on October 21, 2011



Listener Questions and Comments
Jan Croutworst (my sister :>), emailed that she is interested in building a model wooden boat similar to the Swedish sailing model I have that was built by my great grandfather (Adolph Pedersen – boatbuilder from Sweden).  There a 2 companies that sell scaled models of hundreds of various models of wooden boats – and Blue Jacket Ship Crafters.  Check it out Jan – and let me know what you find out!  BTW, here’s a photo of the Swedish work boat model my great grandfather made in the 1930’s for my dad:

Also of note: I was able to locate the owner of the “Spirit Canoe” (listen to HOWB #002) that I sold in 2008.  The owner paddles it on the Hudson River in NY and loves it.  I am really happy to track it down since I put a lot of blood sweat and tears into that boat!

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Next week we will feature an interview with David Roberts of Nexus Marine in Everett, WA.  David & his wife Nancy have been doing this gig for over 30 years – don’t miss it!!

Interview with Corey Freedman – Skin Boats
I had a fascinating interview with Corey.  He tell’s how he became interested in boats during his youth in Massachusetts, how he saw his first “skin boat” in a museum, and how his life and career were never the same after that. Click on green player button above to listen to the interview.  Corey’s website is Skin Boats, and his phone number is (360) 299-0804.   Here’s a few photos of Corey and his work:

17′ Baidarka built at Skin Boat School – Corey in background

"Umiak" skin boat built by Corey

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